Courses Taught

Put simply, I love teaching.

My pedagogical strategy in all the courses I teach is to stress the necessity of developing critical reading and thinking skills through an incorporation of close textual analysis and instruction in cultural and theoretical contexts. In the classroom I emphasize the importance of both established critical and analytic methodologies and the integration of fresh and original interactions with literature. This has led me to expand the definition of “text” beyond the traditional work of literature to include non-literary texts (such as Inuk throat singing or installation work).

Courses taught (selected):

Writing in the Digital Age

Writing for University

Halifax and the World

Canadian Literature: Scripting Community

Contemporary Canadian Literature: Images of the Nation

Contemporary Canadian Literature: Oppositional Archives

Contemporary Canadian Literature: Collapsing the Commons

Cultural Production and Civic Engagement

Representing the Urban (graduate course on Canadian literature)

Contemporary Critical Theory

Cultural Studies


Introduction to Literature